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indian, luxury, medium, budget, cheap, unique, adventure, desert, wild, tours, travel, packages, plans, safaris, itinerary, Mamallapuram Festival - Fairs and Festivals in India - unique adventure, travel, experience, tours, packages, plans, itinerary, indian, luxury, medium, budget, cheap, unique, adventure, tours, travel, packages, plans, fairs and festivals, Mamallapuram Festival, itinerary

Mamallapuram Festival - Fairs and Festivals in India

Mamallapuram dance festival is celebrated every year during the period between December and January in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu. This festive occasion is organized under the patronage of Department of Tourism, Govt. of Tamilnadu. Mamallapuram is of great historical importance, as once upon a time, it used to be the ancient port of the Pallavas. During the Mamallapuram dance festival, the exponents of the varied dance forms then be it Kuchipudi, Odissi, Bharatanatyam, Kathakali or Kathak, come ahead to showcase their skill and talent to the art lovers.

Mamallapuram is a four week long festive occasion, the celebration of which takes place in an open air auditorium in the backdrop of the sculptures of Pallavas. The surroundings add to the visual appeal of this grand cultural event. It is an amazing experience to watch the dancers perform under the open sky. The open air auditorium that serves as the venue for the Mamallapuram dance festival was established near about thirteen centuries ago.

Mamallapuram is a wonderful beach resort and also a place that reminds of the glorious cultural heritage of the bygone times. Mamallapuram is a great destination of tourist attraction. There is a multitude of sightseeing places in Mamallapuram such as the ancient monuments, caves, sculptures, monolithic temples and the gorgeous beaches. The dance festival at Mamallapuram has been drawing more and more crowds year after year. The festivity gives an impetus to the talent of dancers. People excelling in the field of dancing assemble here and deliver their dance performance.

Time of Celebration of Mamallapuram Dance Festival
Mamallapuram Dance Festival is organized for four weeks from early January in the city of Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu.

Description of Mamallapuram Dance Festival
Organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu, the Mamallapuram Dance Festival is a renowned festival and one of the premier cultural attractions to South India. The event outstanding performances on Indian classical dance forms like Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Odissi and Kathakali. Eminent people from varied fields gather for this festival which is one of the most appreciated cultural festivals in Tamil Nadu.

Held at the venue of the bass relief Arjuna�s Penance, Mamallapuram Dance Festival in Tamil Nadu features open-air dance performances, against the magnificent backdrop of Pallava rock sculptures that lend an aesthetic touch to this cultural event.

The open air stage where the performances are made was erected about thirteen centuries ago, with the amazing monolithic rock sculptures in the background and sea beside. During the festival, dancers from worldwide and tourists come to witness the best folk dancers in India perform under the open sky in an open-air, theater style setting.

The popular beach resort of Mammalapuram in Tamil Nadu is also significant as a culture center, especially for tourists coming from worldwide who love to imbibe and soak in the rich culture and traditions of the land. A historic city housing ancient monuments, sculptures. Caves, monolithic temples and beaches � Mamallapuram is a destination worth visit on any tour to Tamil Nadu, and the Mamallapuram Dance Festival further adds to the intriguing charm of this beach town.

This four week Mamallapuram Dance Festival is held at the venue of Arjuna's penance, a bass-relief sculpted on the face of two enormous adjacent rocks, in Mamallapuram. The magnificent backdrop that is provided by the Pallava Rock Sculptures provide an aesthetic touch to this cultural dance festival.

The open-air stage and the dancers from far and wide come to watch the best folk dancers in India perform in front of them under the open skies in an open-air theatre style ambience. This open-air stage was created about thirteen centuries ago, the incredible monolithic rock sculptures of the Pallavas, next to the sea in this ancient city of Mamallapuram.


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